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===Chosen of [[Talona]]===
===Chosen of [[Talona]]===
* The [[Rotting Man]].<ref>{{Cite book/Unapproachable East|118}}</ref>
* The [[Rotting Man]].<ref>{{Cite book/Unapproachable East|118}}</ref>
===Chosen of [[Talos]]===
* His chosen was the youngest sister of [[Alicia Kendrick]] the current High Queen of the Moonshae Isles. <ref>{{Cite book/Prophet of Moonshae}}</ref>
===Chosen of [[Ubtao]]===
===Chosen of [[Ubtao]]===

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The Chosen are individuals imbued with divine power by one of the deities of the Realms, which grants them various abilities and boons, such as stopping the process of aging.

It is believed that all deities are capable of choosing mortals, though it is impossible to say whether all of them take advantage of this power.

It is possible for one being to be the chosen of more than one deity.

As of 1485 DR there are no Chosen who aren't also exarchs.

Known Chosen

Chosen of Bane

Chosen of Cyric

Chosen of Deneir

Chosen of Eilistraee

Chosen of Eldath

  • Ashenford Torinbow
  • Lady Shadowmoon Crystalembers
  • Shinthala Deepcrest

Chosen of Gilgeam

  • Shuruppak (former Chosen since Gilgeam's death)

Chosen of Gruumsh

Chosen of Labelas Enoreth

  • Vartan Hai Sylvar

Chosen of Lolth

Spoiler: see the War of the Spider Queen

Chosen of Malar

  • Anth-Malar

Chosen of Mask

Chosen of Merrshaulk/Sseth

  • Pil'it'ith (former)

Chosen of Mielikki

Chosen of Myrkul

Chosen of Mystra

See the Chosen of Mystra

Children of the Seven Sisters

  • Dove and Florin have a son named Azalar
  • Qilué recently lost a daughter named Ysolde
  • Laeral has a daughter named Maura, who is the consort of the Crown Prince Lamruil of Evermeet. Laeral is currently[as of when?] pregnant with Khelben's twins
  • Storm is barren (The Seven Sisters sourcebook)
  • No biological children born of Syluné or The Simbul have been documented.
  • Alustriel has 12 male children all with the surname of Aerasumé. Their names are (alphabetically): Andelver, Boesild, Dolthauvin, Elinthalar, Ghaelryss, Inthylyn, Lilinthar, Methrammar, Naerond, Raerilarr, Tarthilmor, and Uoundeld. She also has female children that have never appeared in realmslore

Chosen of Oghma

  • Sephris Dwendon

Chosen of the Seldarine

Chosen of Sehanine Moonbow

Chosen of Silvanus

  • Ashenford Torinbow
  • Lady Shadowmoon Crystalembers
  • Shinthala Deepcrest

Chosen of Talona

Chosen of Talos

  • His chosen was the youngest sister of Alicia Kendrick the current High Queen of the Moonshae Isles. [2]

Chosen of Ubtao

  • Alisandra Rayburton
  • Dhlamass Rayburton
  • Ras Ni
  • Fipya
  • Kwalu
  • Mainu
  • Ossaw I

Chosen of Umberlee

  • Slarkrathel


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