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Year of the Awakening
Dale Reckoning Cormyr Reckoning Tethyr-reckoning North-reckoning Netheril Year Mulhorand Calendar Present Reckoning Shou
1001 DR 976 CR 1215 TR −31 NR 4860 NY 3135 MC −357 PR 2251

1001 DR in organizations


  • This year is noted for the many new ruins and dungeons rediscovered. Unfortunately, it also means that much in the way of old magics and undead creatures also find their way out of such places.[citation needed]
  • Early in the year, after overcoming many trials and traps, three priests of Abbathor breech the plundered (by Abbathor himself) treasure vault of the ghost dragon Ragflaconshen under Turnback Mountain. Following a vision sent by the Great Master of Greed, they direct all followers of Abbathor to bring their collected hoards here and eventually it becomes Aefarn, the greatest temple to Abbathor and perhaps the most valuable collection of treasure in the Realms.[2]


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