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Year of the Lord's Dilemma Dale Reckoning Cormyr Reckoning Tethyreckoning Northreckoning Netheril Year Mulhorand Calendar Present Reckoning Shou Year
1066 DR 1041 CR 1280 TR 34 NR 4925 NY 3200 MC -292 PR 2316 NY

1066 DR in politics

  • The nation of T'u Lung is formed from the southern provinces of Shou Lung, under Shin Gisen as the first emperor of the Lui Dynasty. The powerful families of Tan, Ho, Wai, and Yang back the new emperor, and expand their power over the next four decades.[1]
  • T'u Lung records from now on describe Shou Lung as a corrupt empire on the brink of internal collapse.[1]

1066 DR in conflicts

  • T'u Lung repels an invasion by the armies of Shou Lung. This is the first of many invasions over the next two centuries, known as the Uncountable Wars by Shou Lung, or "Major Incursions of the Northern Barbarians" in T'u Lung.[1]


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