Year of the Unstrung Harp
of Serôs
1371 DR 1346 CR 1585 TR 339 NR 5230 NY 1441 TS
3507 MC 13 PR 2621 1445 1789 3921

1371 DR in conflicts

1371 DR in politics

  • Eleint 14 An attempt is made on the life of Arklem Greeth by two members of the Arcane Brotherhood. Arklem survives but the old man is badly injured and has to flee Luskan. He travels in secret to Mirabar where he meets Nyphithys, an Erinyes who helps him to become a lich. Revitalised in undeath, Arklem returns to the Host Tower with a force of summoned devils and violently reclaims his place as Archmage Arcane. He then sets about rebuilding his broken organization and bringing the High Captains under his sway again, after they had become more independent over the last few years.
  • Alustriel Silverhand assumes the title of "High Lady of the Silver Marches" and forms the League of the Silver Marches, officially turning the confederacy of Luruar into a new country.[citation needed]
  • The Northlander kings swear fealty to High Queen Alicia Kendrick, giving birth to a new nation titled the United Moonshae Isles.[9]
  • The zulkirs of Thay, tired of incessant battles with Aglarond, offer a truce. The Simbul accepts with reservations.[10]

Births in 1371 DR

Deaths in 1371 DR

1371 DR in deities

  • Members of the Twisted Rune discover that Tiamat's claims about her domain in Heliopolis were a ruse to foil her followers. However, Tiamat soon defeats them when they try to steal her powers.[12]
  • Tiamat subsumes Azharul powers and his domain in Dragon Eyrie, completely unbeknownst to anyone but herself.[12]

Migrations in 1371 DR

1371 DR in organizations

  • Sfena is abducted by minions of Asmodeus and her lieutenants in the Iron Throne fight amongst themselves for control. The storm giant Krakosh wins out (though he is being manipulated by his closest ally), but the organization's influence suffers.


1371 DR in novels


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