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Year of the Fanged Beast Dale Reckoning Cormyr Reckoning Northreckoning Netheril Year Mulhorand Calendar Present Reckoning Shou Year
640 DR 615 CR -392 NR 4499 NY 2774 MC -718 PR 1890 NY

640 DR in conflicts

  • Yeenoghu’s cult rises to prominence among the gnoll tribes of the Shaar, largely displacing the worship of Gorellik. The gnolls attack many towns in the region around Lake Lhespen, leaving Lhesper in ruins and seeing its surviving citizens migrate north to found Shaarmid.[1]
  • The citizens of Ormath and Lheshayl and patrols from the Shining Plains find themselves under constant attack from saber-toothed tigers.[1]

640 DR in environment

  • The trading camp which will eventually grow into Zhentil Keep is established.[1]


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