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A-Ling Shan was a mountain range located in the Hordelands.[1]


This mountain range divided the southern portion of Raurin from the Katakoro Plateau.[1]


Several notable glaciers, including the Shigatse glacier and the Glacier of the Dragon, were found within the A-Ling Shan range as it was part of the great Yehimal Mountains.[1]

The mountain range was mostly unexplored and unsettled, and only a single pass, Yarlhang La, opened through it.[1]

The frozen peaks of this range, most notably the Mahamsaratsu Shan, reached high into the sky. Most reached elevations between 17,000 - 24,000 ft. (5200 - 7300m). Lakes from glacial run-off formed at the base of the mountains as melting snow and ice was trapped by rocky depressions. Flash flooding was a known danger in the region.[1]


Yetis and different types of dragon were known to make their homes within A-Ling Shan, and raided the nearby land for food.[1]



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