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Aarakocras were a race of avian monstrous humanoids.[3]


Aarakocras resembled humanoid birds. The average specimen stood about 5 ft (1.5 m) tall and had a wingspan of 20 ft (6.1 m). Halfway along the edge of each wing was a hand with three human-sized fingers and an opposable thumb. An elongated fourth finger extended the length of the wing and locked in place during flight. The hands could not grasp while flying, but they were nearly as useful as human hands when an aarakocra was perched and its wings folded back. Their powerful legs ended in four sharp talons that could unlock and fold back to reveal another pair of functional hands. These humanoids had hollow, fragile bones. Their faces combined the features of both parrots and eagles. They had gray-black beaks and black eyes. Plumage color varied, but males generally had red, orange, and yellow coloration, while females tended towards brown and gray.[3]


Aarakocras lived among the highest mountain peaks in small tribes that controlled hunting territories and shared a communal nest.[3] The eldest male served as leader, assisted by the tribe's shaman. Aarakocras were known to be extremely claustrophobic.[3]


Aarakocras almost all worshiped Aerdrie Faenya. She appeared to them as a giant white bird.[4]

The small number of aarakocras living in the North mainly worshiped Syranita as their goddess, but also payed homage to Akadi, Remnis of the giant eagles, Stronmaus of the giants, as well as Aerdrie Faenya.[5]

Known aarakocra settlementsEdit

They were an immigrant race to Faerûn from Maztica.[6] Known aarakocra settlements in Faerûn were:



Aarakocra first appeared in the Fiend Folio (1981) and were credited to Lawrence Schick.



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