An aba of the elements was a magic robe found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


The coloration of an aba of the elements depended on the element it represented with flame being red, wind being blue, sand being white, and sea being green.[1]


An aba of the elements had similar in powers to robes of the archmagi, save that they were classified by the element they represented. An elemental mage who donned an aba of the elements for any element outside of his speciality suffered excruciating pain and a permanent loss of some of their skills. A sorcerer could safely wear one of these robes for either of their two chosen elements.[1]

An aba of the elements granted the wearer magic resistance and made them more difficult to strike during combat. It amplified elemental spells cast by the wearer so that the target of these spells was less likely to resist their effects.[1]



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