The Abbey of Saint Sollars was the temple of Ilmater in Bloodstone Village, Damara.


The Abbey was a medium-sized building made up of an entrance hall, central sanctuary, a bell tower, and a parish house. The entrance hall opened to the outside by way of two large wooden doors. The sanctuary was the largest room of the structure. It was the central place of worship and contained several rows of wooden pews, a high arched buttressed ceiling, and a large altar on a raised dais. The Book of Saint Sollars laid open on the altar. Behind the altar, stained glass windows let light shine down upon the altar. The bell tower contained four floors with two large bells at the top. The parish house was attached to the side of the abbey and was where the resident abbot dwelt. It contained a small library of theological works, a copying room for scribing manuscripts, and four cells for the abbot and his assistants.[2]


Abbot Aldric was the current senior priest at the Abbey of Saint Sollars.[3]


The abbey was named after Sollars the Twice-Martyred, considered a saint by the Church of Ilmater.[4]



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