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Abon Duum was a human man and a pasha of Manshaka in Calimshan in the 14th century DR.[1][2] [note 1]


For over half a century, Abon Duum ruled the city of Manshaka and its Arenas of Blood as a ruthless despot and holding absolute power.[2]

When the plans of a thief and con-artist named Conner went awry, he was forced to sell his young protégé Vajra Valmeyjar into slavery to Abon Duum.[1][3] Duum placed Vajra with his stable of gladiators at the Arena of Blood, and she became the most accomplished and profitable of his stable. However, after ten years, she escaped, seriously wounding several of Duum's best fighters in the process. Duum sent bounty hunters after her, seeking to punish and reclaim his champion gladiator. Vajra was forced to travel further and further north.[1][3]

Eventually, Duum hired a trio of bounty seekers, who pursued Vajra to Waterdeep and ambushed her and her companions outside the city in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR. They ultimately subdued Vajra and her companions, and intended to return her to Manshaka, back to Duum to fight for him again in the Arena. But the companions fought their way free and overpowered the bounty seekers. Vajra would remain at large.[1][4]

Abon Duum disappeared in mysterious circumstances later that year. Some claimed he was murdered by Vajra, while others believed that something happened when he sought to attain the power of the gods and he was lost in the planes.[2]


Duum owned land in Calimshan, near to Manshaka.[1]



  1. Abon Duum was originally titled "Baron" in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics series, but with the development of Calimshan later sources gave him the title of "pasha". Although this suggests that baron and pasha are equivalent titles, it is possible that Pasha Abon Duum was both a pasha and a massatyr, the Alzhedo term for "baron", a lesser Calishite noble, as pashas very often had multiple titles.


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