Achaierais (pronounced: /ɑːˈɜːra-CHY-ur-y[5] Loudspeaker listen) were large, flightless, birdlike creatures that could be found in the Barrens of Doom and Despair[4] and in Acheron.[2]


These creatures resembled 15-ft-tall (4.6 m) flightless birds, albeit with four long stilt-like legs that ended in wicked claws. They had colorful feathers, varying from brown to red in hue, though their claws and beak shone like burnished metal. Its plump, round body was roughly the size of a small pony.[2]


An achaierai could release a toxic black cloud when threatened. This cloud had an adverse effect on any caught within it, damaging them and possibly driving the victims to madness. Achaierai were very resistant to magic.[2]


These outsiders were known for their evil personalities, their predatory instincts, and their love of torture.[2]



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