Acid splash, also known as acid orb, was a conjuration spell used by sorcerers and wizards.[1]


When acid splash was cast, the sorcerer or wizard conjured a sphere of liquid acid which, when thrust at a target, collided and exploded, burning one creature with its contents. The spell was easily cast and one needed not rest before recasting it. The potency of the spell's effects also increased over time, dependent both on the sorcerer's level of experience as well as, as in the case of most sorcerer spells, the sorcerer's strength of personality.[1]

Like other spells, acid splash could only be cast as many times as its caster either had energy left for spellcasting or, in the case of wizards, had prepared for it.[3]


Between the Spellplague and the Second Sundering, acid splash was better known as acid orb and could be cast only by sorcerers. This form of the spell was significantly stronger.[citation needed]



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