Acrobats were agile individuals.


Those who studied the art of acrobatics seldom wore armor and attacked with very light weapons or simply their bare hands. Their profession forced them to be in top condition and they knew how to use their weapons well, for it was their only line of offense and defense. Out-maneuvering their opponent was critical during a fight, which was why acrobats focused on training their dexterity over strength.

Weapons and tacticsEdit

They often carried daggers or darts and were very skilled in using them. Quick, precise strikes were their preferred method of attack. They often targeted tendons, ligaments, and veins and arteries to disable their opponents. They moved often and quickly, knowing that a stationary opponent was an easy target, and preferred to fight in very crowded areas, like dense forests and taverns.


Acrobats were skilled climbers who were able to climbing nearly anything assuming they could find some handholds.