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The Adder Swamp was a dangerous expanse of lycanthrope-infested marshland that surrounded the Adder River delta in Chessenta.[citation needed]


The native werecrocodiles had a half-sunken settlement somewhere on the seaward edge of the swamp,[1] but when a community of wererats migrated to the area, the werecrocodiles' territorial nature caused the two races to immediately come to blows.[citation needed]

The chaotic halfling barony of Ursuma managed to stay out of the lycanthrope war when it was founded within the swamp sometime during the Era of Upheaval.[2]


Like the Adder River, the Adder Swamp was also known for its large snake population. It was also one of the few rare places along the entire coast of Chessenta where sailors would not moor their boats.[3]


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