Adrienne Stillwater was a female half-elf ranger and cleric of Mielikki operating in the Hullack Forest and the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR.[1]


Basing herself in Thunderstone on occasion, Adrienne roamed northeastern Cormyr around the Hullack Forest. She feared that the so-called "civilized" bands of adventurers and Cormyrean groups like the Purple Dragons would irreparably ruin the woodland in their efforts to clear it of dangerous monsters. She tried to prevent or limit the damage to the environment where possible.[1]


Adrienne was a nature-lover, and unbiased and restrained in her actions.[1]


A veteran ranger and cleric, Adrienne was stealthy, commanded divine spells, and had ogres as a special foe.[1]


Adrienne wore +2 leather armor and fought with a flame tongue longsword and +2 dagger. She also had a shortbow with 20 flight arrows.[1]


Adrienne spoke with the Sembian adventuring company the Wolfmasters while they were in Thunderstone, learning that they were venturing into the Vast Swamp. Shortly thereafter, she went into the Hullack Forest on her own mission.[2]



Adrienne may have been named for author John Terra's daughter, Adrienne Terra, to whom Four from Cormyr was dedicated.


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