Aegis of assault is among the most basic spells known to swordmages, used primarily by assault swordmages. A spell of the conjuration school, aegis of assault allows a swordmage to form an arcane bond with a creature within an area of ten feet in diameter nearby. The creature so ensnared becomes intently tied to its disadvantage. If the creature tries to attack one of the swordmage's allies, the bond ensnares their body and mind, weakening their assault. If the creature still summons the power to successfully make its attack, then the bond allows the swordmage to teleport a distance of up to fifty feet in order to retaliate against the attacker.

As one of the most basic and easy to learn swordmage spells, aegis of assault is instantly recastable. In addition to being able to cast the spell at any time, a swordmage can use aegis of assault against more than one creature. They cannot, however, use the spell if the creature is already hampered and hindered by another swordmage and a creature cannot be subject to the effects of two aegis of assault spells at once.