Aegis of shielding is a very basic spell of the abjuration school used by shielding swordmages. When a swordmage casts aegis of shielding they forge a magical link between themselves and a foe within a nearby area of ten feet in diameter. When the foe attacks an ally of the swordmage, the link hampers their efforts, making their strikes less effectual. If the enemy persists, however, and succeeds in their attack, the swordmage may use the link to create a magical shield between the enemy and their ally, substantially reducing the deadliness of the attack.

Aegis of shielding can be cast at-will, being among the most basic spells used by swordmages. Additionally, aegis of shielding can be used against more than one creature, though any one creature can be subjected to its effects only once at a time. As a result, two swordmages cannot both cast aegis of shielding or other swordmage aegis spells on one creature.