Aekyl Dafyre was a shopkeeper in Skullport in 1370.[1]


Circa 1340 DR, Aekyl was a cartographer and guide for Undermountain until a day when he was guiding three nobles and, thanks to one of Halaster's gates, they were ambushed by two owlbears. Aekyl lost his left arm and two nobles died before they could escape. Back in the Yawning Portal tavern in Waterdeep, the remaining noble accused Aekyl of murder, so he fled to Skullport.

Here, with only one arm, he thought his life was finished and started drinking. One day, however, there appeared in front of him the Skulls of Skullport, which ordered him to bring them a "dragon's tooth" from a location east of the city. Some time after, Aekyl returned with a magical short sword of dancing (named "Dragon's Tooth"), many emeralds, and a pair of magical boots of guiding. He discovered that, by just entering a dungeon and walking slowly, the boots mapped the place. So he went back to his old job, opening a shop in the Port of Shadow.[1]


Aekyl was always in a bad mood, grunting and grumbling to people that talked to him.[1]



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