Goodwoman Aelia was a healer and herbalist in the Moonsea.[1]


At one point, Aelia settled in the small Moonsea village of Hillpicket.[1]

During the Rage of Demons, a mysterious illness spread in the area and Aelia believed that the cause was the wandering Doctor Jubal's Carnival of Curiosities, which had just then also arrived in Hillpicket. She tried to convince some adventurers who happened to be in the village to help her to uncover the truth, believing all the villagers to be accomplices of the carnival.[1]

She decided to infiltrate the carnival herself to investigate. However, she was captured and replaced with a mirror duplicate of her afflicted with madness.[2]

Aelia was imprisoned inside the mirror maze together with Berl Cuttler, Doctor Jubal, Weet Greenspen and others.[3]


Aelia was kind of eccentric. She always saw demons and conspiracy around her, always mistakenly.[1]




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