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Aerilaya was a female green elf druid who came to live on Evermeet after wandering Faerûn for some time, spreading the faith of Rillifane Rallathil.

She was tall with long dark hair in a single braid bound with a copper headband engraved with oak leaves. She came to Evermeet after an "unfortunate incident" involving an oak tree, great quantities of ale, and a Chauntean monk whose identity was not made known. She eventually grew tired of life on the island, and considered returning to Faerûn.

She maintained a close relationship with Carreigh Macumail.[1]


Aerilaya usually wore green druidic robes but in battle she would wear hide armor. She carried a staff of swarming insects, a magic +1 scimitar, a sling, and an elfrune.[1]


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