Agada Vane was a shopkeeper in Waterdeep in 1479 DR.[1]


Agada was a regular customer at the Yawning Portal inn. She had a successful shop that sold metalwork for the home and dry goods. Agada organized weekly tea-parties in order to gossip. Secretly, she was also a personal spy of the Open Lord Dagult Neverember in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep.[1]


In 1479 DR, Lord Neverember ordered Agada to keep an eye on Sanfin Lotte, whom the lord distrusted. Agada grew convinced that Sanfin's secret was his parakeet Chloe and started investigating it.[1]


Agada was respected by the lords, merchant community, and by the guilds.[1]


Agada was a fierce competitor and fair employer but also had a softer side, which she showed at tea-parties.[1]


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