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Aid was a spell that belonged to many schools because it gave the recipient a temporary boost in health and improved both morale in the face of fear and combat skill.[1][2][7][8]


The abjuration version of this spell could be cast on a target up to 30 ft (9.1 m) away.[1] In all other versions, the caster had to touch the recipient in order to cast this spell. The effect of this spell was a health boost that lasted for the duration of the spell or until the health was lost due to subsequent injury, poison, energy drain, etc., whichever came first.[1][2][7][8] In addition, earlier versions of this spell included the effect of bless.[2][7][8]


The enchantment version of this spell required verbal and somatic components, including touching the subject, and the priest's holy symbol or divine focus.[2] The necromantic version of this spell also required a small bandage in the form of a white strip of cloth with an adhesive (such as tree sap) on each end.[7][8] The abjuration version of this spell also used a small strip of white cloth, but did not require an adhesive.[1]


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