Ailoth (pronounced: /ˈlθEYE-loth[2]) was an diviner and an agent of the Red Wizards of Thay for the Sembia and Hillsfar, part of the network of Alzegund.[1]


Ailoth was a white-haired magic-user.[1]


Not overly intelligent, Ailoth's activities as a spy did not go unnoticed by the governments of Sembia and Hillsfar who were acknowledged to his true work.[1]


The Red Wizard arrived in the region of Sembia around 1337 DR under Alzegund. After some time Ailoth broke with Alzegund to start a private business, but this was a facade to cover his work as a Thayan spy under his master.[1]

In 1357 DR, Ailoth was known as a moneylender and the buyer of thieves goods. In truth, he was gathering information from a network of spies and giving information to his master when he and Alzegund were in the same city.[1]


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