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When asked about his past, Ajantis announces that he is a squire-paladin of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, and that he enforces the power and discipline of Helm. He belongs to the noble family of Ilvastarr in Waterdeep, and has studied swordplay under such luminaries as Myrmith Splendon. His skill and devotion apparently brought him to the attention of the paladin Keldorn, one of the most respected of the order, who decided to take Ajantis under his wing as a squire. Recently, Ajantis has asked for the honor of becoming a full-fledged member of the order. To accomplish this he has traveled to the Sword Coast, in order to help curtail the increased humanoid activity in the region. If he succeeds in his quest, the order will vote on his eligibility for membership. He seems utterly devoted to his mission.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate computer game

Ajantis Ilvastarr is a human paladin in the Baldur's Gate computer game.


He is a righteous and somewhat naive young paladin found in the farmlands just north of the Friendly Arm Inn. Ajantis is a newly trained paladin operating under the Order of the Radiant Heart. He has been sent by his superior Keldorn Firecam to investigate and wipe out the bandits currently plaguing the Sword Coast.


In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, it is discovered (if you have Keldorn or Anomen in your party when you go to the Windspear Hills) that Ajantis was made to appear like an ogre by Firkraag, tricking the character and his party into killing him and a group of paladins similarly changed.

Behind the scenesEdit

As the only NPC paladin in the Baldur's Gate game, Ajantis is a good fighter with decent healing abilities.


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