Ajax Firestorm was a red dragon who lived disguised as an elven merchant of Huzuz named Aja Pelima.[2]


Aja Pelima, also called Mad Aja, was the eccentric owner of Mad Aja's Magic for Fools & Simpletons, a shop located in the Grand Bazaar of Huzuz. Aja appeared as an elven male with flaming red hair, but there was much speculation as to his actual heritage. Aja preferred wearing brightly colored clothes and sashes decorated with fireballs and lightning bolts.[1]

In his true form Aja Pelima appeared as a venerable red dragon.[2]


Ajax was highly intelligent and unusually patient for a red dragon. He had a wild personality and was a high-pressured salesman.[2]


Ajax possessed many spell-like abilities but usually favored evocation, enchantment, and charm magic. He also had an uncanny ability to figure out who had the coin to pay for his goods.[2]


He was known to possess an amulet of non-detection, various magical wands (fire, frost, lightning), and a unique wand that was unidentifiable. This wand was actually the control rod for his stolen ship.[2]


Ajax came to Huzuz to track a thief who stole a skyship from him. The ship was located in a warehouse of the Al-Danafi family, but the presence of too many genies prevented Ajax from showing his true power and reclaiming it.[2]

He would often use magic to entice his customers. The city watch was often called to his shop after the use of a pyrotechnics spell. He enjoyed levitating customers and conversing with them in the air while he hung upside down.[1]


Ajax actually stole the skyship that he was searching for from a mage from Halruaa.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Many believed "Aja" to be a blatant member of the Brotherhood of the True Flame. Others thought he was a genie masquerading as a human. His true nature was not detectable through the use of magic.[1]



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