The Swamp of Akhlaur was a marshland located west of Lake Halruaa and Halagard.[1][2]


The swamp covered an oblong area roughly 95 miles (152.8 km) long by 30 miles (48.3 km) wide. The Swamp of Akhlaur was filled with cypress trees, moss and assortment of fauna including crocodiles and dangerous piranha. Unnatural creatures such as undead were also present.[1]

Laraken also inhabited the swamp, making this a dangerous location for any spellcaster.[1]


The swamp was named for the famed conjurer who perished here when he was taken to the Elemental Plane of Water by a summoned laraken. The gate through which he disappeared remained open, allowing a constant flow of water to expand the swamp at a rate of an additional 100 ft. (30 m) per year.[1]



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