The Swamp of Akhlaur was a marshland located west of Lake Halruaa and Halagard.[1][2]


The swamp covered, as of 1373 DR, an oblong area roughly 4000 square miles (6437.3 sq km.).[3] The Swamp of Akhlaur was filled with cypress trees, moss and assortment of fauna including crocodiles and dangerous piranha. Unnatural creatures such as undead were also present.[1]

Laraken also inhabited the swamp, making this a dangerous location for any spellcaster.[1]


The swamp was named for the famed conjurer Akhlaur who was believed that perished here when he was taken to the Elemental Plane of Water by a summoned laraken. The portal through which he disappeared remained open, allowing a constant flow of water to expand the swamp at a rate of an additional 100 ft. (30 m) per year.[1]

In 1373 DR, the magehound Kiva managed to remove the portal from the swamp, successfully halting its advance.[4]

In 1385 DR, the south of Halruaa was flooded because of the catastrophic Spellplague, connecting the swamp with the Great Sea.[5]




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