Akirakeiko was a sohei adventurer in Miyama Province in Kozakura in 1357 DR.[1]


Akirakeiko lived in a Konjo temple in Shizume Province, always busy in skirmishes with rival sohei of Kanchai temple. In circa 1357 DR, however, the Kanchai sohei gained the support of the shugo-daimyo of Shizume and attacked in large numbers, destroying the temple.

Akirakeiko survived, being away at an isolated outpost that day. Unable to remain in Shizume because of pressure the shugo-daimyo, Akirakeiko went to the Konjio temple of Miyama, where he met and befriended the young shukenja Annen. Together they went on adventures.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

Akirakeiko was a pre-created PC for use in adventures in Miyama.[2]


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