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Akkabar Shoon was a mighty wizard, syl-pasha of Calimshan and the man ultimately behind the rise of the Shoon Imperium.


Akkabar el Shoon was born of his father's favourite harem girl and had at least three brothers. His father was the third sabbalad of Memnon. He had many other, more distant, relatives but none are named.

He'd married an unnamed woman as a young man and had at least one son by her—Akkabar. He married Munaa yr Shunnari el Tarshaj, his second wife, at the age of 32.

His son Akkabar had at least three children. The eldest was a son named Akkabar the Younger, in honour of his father and grandfather (and heir to his grandfather's throne); his daughter – Arhymeria yr Una el Shoon (Akkabar el Shoon's youngest granddaughter, though whether she had older sisters or cousins is unclear) who became queen of Tethyr; and another son, younger than Arhymeria – Amahl.

Akkabar el Shoon also had another younger son but he is not named, nor is it known which of Akkabar's wives was his mother (though we can presume it was Munaa since other children by his first wife aren't mentioned and he was only into the seventh month of his second marriage when he had his wife's family assassinated).

Arhymeria is assumed to have had children to carry on the Ithal royal line but they died along with her when the Ithal royal family was almost completely wiped out.

Amahl, who became Amahl I of Tethyr, had neither a wife nor any children.

Akkabar the Younger had at least one son, also named Amahl, who became Amahl II.

Amahl II had several children. At least one son, again called Amahl, who outlived Akkabar el Shoon and at least two daughters, one of whom went on to rule Tethyr with her husband as a puppet under her brother.

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