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Akkabar Shoon was a mighty wizard, the Pasha of Calimshan and the man ultimately behind the rise of the Shoon Imperium.[1]


Akkabar el Shoon was born of his father's favorite harem girl and had at least three brothers. His father was the third sabbalad of Memnon. He had many other, more-distant relatives but their names are forgotten to history.[1]

He married his first wife as a young man and had at least one son by her.[1] He married Munaa yr Shunnari el Tarshaj, his second wife, at the age of 32 years.[3]

He had at least three grandchildren by his oldest son. The eldest grandson was also named Akkabar, in honor of his grandfather, and was heir to his grandfather's throne.[1] Akkabar the Elder's youngest granddaughter was named Arhymeria, though whether she had older sisters or cousins is unclear. She would became queen of Tethyr. Akkabar the Elder also had another grandson by his first son, who was younger than Arhymeria, named Amahl.[1][2]

Amahl II had several children. At least one son, again called Amahl, who outlived Akkabar el Shoon and at least two daughters, one of whom went on to rule Tethyr with her husband as a puppet under her brother.




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