Akkabar Shoon the Younger was the less-famous grandson of Akkabar Shoon the Elder, the mastermind behind the rise of the Shoon Imperium.[1]


Akkabar the Younger was the son of Akkabar the Elder's first son.[1] His mother's name was Una.[3] His young sister Arhymeria would become Queen of Tethyr, and his younger brother Amahl King of Tethyr after her death.[1] Akkabar was the father of Amahl Shoon II and grandfather of Amahl Shoon III, the first qysar of the Shoon Imperium.[1]


Akkabar was destined to rule over Calimshan as sole heir of Syl-Pasha Akkabar the Elder's throne. He plotted along with his grandfather how to absorb the kingdom of Tethyr into Calimshan; however, he never saw these plans come to fruition, as he was assassinated in −1 DR[1] in what was made to look like a bar brawl.[2] His murderers were Tethyrian clansmen seeking revenge for the death of King Amahl I. This political upheaval caused much suffering in Tethyr, as Akkabar's son Amahl II currently ruled Tethyr as a puppet king.[2]


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