Akura al-Hiyali was a member of the Corsair Council of Hawa and remained an active corsair captain despite his responsibilities in the city.[1]


Akura possessed medium height and had a trim build. He had light brown eyes and sun-streaked brown hair. He favored black clothing paired with brightly colored scarves or sashes. He always kept his mustache and beard neatly trimmed.[1]


Akura was bold—so bold that he often attacked other corsair ships in addition to regular merchant vessels. His reputation for aggressiveness and ruthlessness often preceded him.[1]


Akura was an accomplished sha'ir and knew many wizard spells and even a few priest spells.[1]


Akura possessed a sash of defense AC 3, jambiya +1/+2 vs. magic-using and enchanted creatures, jambiya of fear (as wand of fear), staff of the sea, two potions of extra healing, and a ring of genie summoning.

Most of his treasure was stored in a base located on the far side of the Wizard's Reach.[1]


His ultimate goal was to become the next Pirate King of the Corsair Domains. He had many supporters who often clashed with those of Jayani al-Jasir in the streets of Hawa over whose leader was the greater legend.[1]


Mawiyah, a water gen bound to his service, was extremely useful while raiding and even planning the raids beforehand.

Akura formed a solid relationship with the ruler of Qadib, Sultan Kamal al-Hadi, who was also a sha'ir. In return for his base on the island of Wizard's Reach, Akura agreed not to attack any ships from Qadib. He kept his word most of the time, and, on the occasions when he broke it, there were no survivors to tell the tale.[1]


Akura was originally from Hiyal, the City of Intrigue. [1]



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