Al-Sarif River, also called the River of Nobility, was located in Zakhara.[1][2]


Al-Sarif River originated in Al-Akara Mountains located several hundred miles inland east from Suq Bay.[1][2]

Huzuz, the City of Delights, was located along Al-Sarif River.[2] Ferries were used to cross the river and transport students to Al-Bidir Sallah, perhaps the greatest college in all of the Land of Fate.[1]


A pair of dao operated the ferry, crossing Al-Sarif twice every hour.[1]

Since the river was often used as a burial ground of sorts, great ghuls took up residence under the surface of the water, feeding on the constant supply of corpses from the city above. Sometimes the ghuls would climb aboard docked ships and feast on lone sentries.[1]

A tasked slayer genie was imprisoned under the water within a bottle. The genie's previous master dropped the bottle into the water when he was killed during a raid upon the docks of the Harbor District. One of the dao ferrymen stumbled upon the bottle and recognized it for a genie prison. The dao buried the bottle near the college of Al-Bidir Sallah where he hoped a curious student would stumbled upon it. Driven mad by a century of imprisonment, the slayer genie trapped within the bottle would surely wreak havoc if ever called-forth from its prison.[1]

A trio of marid also lived under the water of the river. They were sent to spy on the city for their master—a skilled sha'ir from Qudra who was quite jealous of the White Agate's reputation. These marid usually masqueraded around the city as attractive humans.[1]



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