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The Alamber Sea is the primary trade avenue between the nations of Mulhorand, Unther, and Thay. As a result, its waters are considered neutral territory.[1]


The waters of the Alamber Sea are bordered by Mulhorand to the east and Unther to the west. The nation of Thay borders the Alamber to the north, except where it connects to the larger Inner Sea. The northernmost island of Alaor serves as the center of Thayvian naval power in the region.[1]


Despite its status as neutral territory, merchant vessels and other ships found in the Alamber Sea are usually Thayvian in origin. A considerable number of pirates frequent these waters, and below the surface lies the sahuagin kingdom of Aleaxtis.[1]

Places of InterestEdit

This island in the northern Alamber Sea boasts a considerable Thayvian naval base.[1]
Ship of the Gods 
Mulhorandi diviners predict this small volcanic island will erupt in the near future.[1]

Notes Edit

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