Alaric Hembreon was a Tethyrian noble and member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Alaric spent all his life in Tethyrian politics, being the heir of the Draknor duchy and a member of the Knights of the Shield by family connections.

In his youth, he was the standard bearer of Prince Rythan at the disastrous Battle of Nightflames. Alaric managed to take the dead body of the prince back home, whom he considered the epitome of all the virtues of a true king. However, just fifteen days before the Days of Terror, he was exiled from Tethyr on trumped-up charges.

Alaric came back in his country in 1349 DR to help reunify the kingdom, becoming a member of the council in Zazesspur. Alaric was the first noble to submit to Zaranda Star, whom Alaric saw as a fellow spirit of Rythan. He was permitted by the queen to be the duke of the Golden Marches, in the hope of eradicating the blight of the Duchy of Dusk. He was also nominated as Lord High Chancellor of Tethyr.

In his role with the revival of the Knights, he tried to reform the organization in line with their past role as spies for the Crown of Tethyr, to the dismay of his fellow Knights.[1]




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