Alaron was an island in the Moonshae Isles. Although not the largest of the Moonshae Isles, it was considered the most powerful prior to the Spellplague. In the 14th century DR, the isles were collectively ruled from the capital city of Caer Callidyrr by High Queen Alicia Kendrick. While the capital was a port on the eastern side of Alaron, the castle from which the Kendrick family ruled was actually built by previous inhabitants of the Moonshaes.[citation needed]

Alaron was House Kendrick’s last bastion of a once great empire among the Isles.[citation needed]


Ruled from the city of Caer Callidyrr, the island of Alaron was the seat of House Kendrick's power. The rugged Fairheight Mountains to the north of Caer Calliyrr separated the traditional lowland homes of the Ffolk in the south from the homes of the Northlanders. Intermarriage between the two peoples slowly eliminated the divide between their customs.[citation needed]

Notable LocationsEdit

Caer CallidyrrEdit

This city on the northern edge of the Dernall Forest was the home of High King Derid.[2]

Dernall ForestEdit

A forest teeming with goblins and evil fey. Druids loyal to King Derid waged war with the humanoids.[2]

Fairheight MountainsEdit

A range that separated the traditional lands of the Northlanders and the Ffolk, who lived in the lowlands of the island. The mountains were home to the dwarven clans Rustfire and Rookoath, who were at war with the dark fey and a shadow dragon.[2]


This small city of fishermen and woodcutters was a hotbed of intrigue. When the High King was unable to protect the residents they hired mercenaries. The mercenaries were in league with Amn and as of 1479 DR the Amnish had effective control over the city.[2]




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