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Basic Information
Home Candlekeep
Gender Male
Race Human
Patron deity Savras
Born -22 DR
Died 76 DR (aged 98)
Rules Information
Game Edition 3rd

Source: Alaundo's Prophecies[1] p.1

Alaundo the Seer was the singular sage whose prophecies have proven to be true over the years. Citing a seer from past ages that Alaundo called “the T Source[2], the prophecies he made include The Creation of the Bhaalspawn and The Creation of the Seven Scourges.[citation needed]

Upon his death Candlekeep became a haven for the veneration of his prophecies and knowledge.[3] Alaundo arrived at Candlekeep in 75 DR.[4] He was a faithful servant of the now dead god, Savras.[citation needed]

His skull was supposedly stolen shortly after his death and was a priceless relic venerated by the faithful of Deneir, Oghma and Savras. It was greatly sought after by the illithids of Oryndoll, and rumours of its existence and whereabouts around 1370 DR caused an increase in illithid activity on the southern shores of the Deepwash. It was said that the bearer of the skull could speak directly with Alaundo using a speak with dead spell.[5]


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