Alban was a wight ruler in Maztica.


Alban was the ruler of the city of Mictlatepec, an administrative center of the old Zateca people. The arrogant Alban decided that he wanted to live forever so he instructed the royal hishnashapers to create a talisman that would allow him to do so.

However, at the time of his death, Alban rose again as a wight. In fury, Alban slew some of the hishnashapers with his new power. Afterward, however, he came to appreciate his new form and ordered the surviving hishnashapers to forge an artifact able to create more creatures like him. They created the knife of perpetual service, which transformed all people killed with it into various kinds of lesser undead, like ghouls, ghasts, or zombies, depending on their former social standing.

Alban eventually killed all the city's inhabitants. They continued to do at night the same things they did as living beings, while sleeping during the day.[1]



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