Aldamair Galashar was a rogue hired by Gormstadd the Rerisen of Voonlar to be the steward of Twilight Gate Farm, a hunting lodge, and the surrounding land until Gormstadd retired and was able to take possession himself.[1][2]


In his younger days, Aldamair was a good-looking charmer, but as he aged his comeliness faded a bit.[1][2]


Aldamair's youthful charm and good looks allowed him to be a womanizer, but his charm turned slick and creepy in his later years. To Gormstadd and anyone else who could advance his personal wealth or standing, he was deferential to the point of obsequiousness.[1][2]


Aldamair was very nimble, ambidextrous, able to bluff anyone from thugs to nobility, and a skilled pick pocket. He was good with disguises, locks, spreading rumors, and was a passable forger.[1][2]


He was a member of a crime syndicate that operated in many ports around the Sea of Fallen Stars. Their modus operandi was to loot a warehouse and substitute garbage for the stolen goods, then burn the building to hide the evidence.[1][2]

At the Twilight Gate Farm, he freely used the property as a storehouse for stolen goods with Gormstadd's tacit approval.[1][2]


Gormstadd found Aldamair in Yhaunn and hired him to watch over his future retirement home.[1][2]


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