Aldrur Hariburt was a local herald based in Myratma, Tethyr, in 1372 DR.[1]


Aldrur was a pompous bureaucrat with an inflated sense of importance.[1]


As a Herald, he was an expert in blazonry and the protocol of nobility.[1]


Aldrur Hariburt was comfortably wealthy.[1]


Chastus served the Duchess of the Purple Marches in the capacity of Herald over non-noble blazonry, including miller's marks, guild symbols, merchant fleet flags, trading coster badges, and other symbols of commerce around Myratma.[1]

Hariburt was driven to prevent the untrained masses from designing heraldic devices on their own, which he saw as the exclusive charter of the Heralds. He was obsessed with ruining the business of Ilmurk Jongrath, a miller who designed and painted simple blazons on shields and other accouterments in his spare time. Aldrur petitioned for fines, arrest warrants, and even ducal censure against Jongrath, but to no avail.[1]


Hariburt and his fellow Herald from Darromar, Chastus Beldrorn, were particularly nettled by an amateur heraldist named Ilmurk Jongrath. They accused him of usurping their authority, undercutting their prices, and generally being unfit to practice heraldry in any capacity. Jongrath was not in violation of any law and the two heralds could not get Duchess Haresdown to agree that official action should be taken against him. Consequently, Beldrorn and Hariburt resorted to spreading rumors in various circles that Jongrath was an outright thief, a Calishite spy, and a revolutionary out to overthrow the new (as of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR[2]) power structure of Tethyr.[1]


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