Alduvar Snowbrand was one of the Swords of Archendale in 1368 DR.[1]


Alduvar as a Blue Sword was a strident supporter of major ties with Sembia, believing the Dales needed a new powerful ally. In his public role, he was a merchant and shopkeeper.[1] He ran the Jendalar's Fine Fruits shop in the dale.[2]


Alduvar believed Cormyr to be an imperial power and Westgate and Hillsfar to be menacing expansionist powers so to his eyes Archendale would survive only with Sembian help.[2]


Alduvar for many years was an army's battlemage.[1]


Alduvar managed his shop with his consort and business partner Selni Ravenhair, who knew his secret role as one of the Swords.[2]




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