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DtU - Aleena Paladinstar face
Aleena Paladinstar
Basic Information
Home Waterdeep
Gender Female
Race Tethyrian
Patron deity Tyr
Rules Information
Alignment Lawful good
Arcane devotee 4
Wizard 7
Game Edition 3.5

Source: CS:W p.24

Aleena Paladinstar is the daughter of Piergeiron the Paladinson. She was once a graduate of Blackstaff Academy.[1]

She was the object of Eldoth Kron's romantic attentions, and it was her father's fury that caused him to flee Waterdeep.[2]

Descent to UndermountainEdit

Hopping to enter Undermountain she stands in the Yawning Portal Inn, stopped by her fathers orders. She hopes to join the Force gray but she fears that she will be refused entry because of her womanhood. She is tired of proving that she is equal to any man and the last one whom said that her true place is the kitchen is still "digesting fireballs". [3]





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