King Alemander II of House Tethyr[1] was the ninth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


Alemander was the grandson of King Coram III, whom he would eventually succeed. He had a bastard half-elven son named Kymer and a son through marriage named Coram.[2]

Besides Kymer's mother, Alemander was also rumored to have had an affair with his court vizera Wyvorlaa. Regardless of the truth of the rumors, she indeed influenced his rule more than his own dukes and chancellors.[1]


Alemander was born in 1150 DR and was crowned king in the Year of the Shieldtree, 1181 DR.[2]

In 1188 DR, Alemander's vizera Wyvorlaa was accused of consorting with a lich living beneath the Starspire Mountains. The king's nobles pressured him to order her execution, and he at last consented.[1]

Alemander died in 1202 DR; Coram, his firstborn legitimate son, succeeded him as Coram IV.[2] He was buried in what would later become County Bardshyr; the tomb was known as Alemander's Needle.[3]



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