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Alexa was a drow wizard from Sshamath.[1]


Alexa was one of the most promising apprentice in the College of Conjuration and the wife of Eldrinn Elpragh of the College of Divination.

In 1377 DR Eldrinn proposed Alexa to Q'arlynd Melarn to join the new College of Ancient Arcana but Q'arlynd refused her because feared that Eldrinn would gain too power inside the new school.[1]

However for the moment the place of the new school was the house of Alexa and Eldrinn so she was casually involved in an experiment tried by Q'arlynd to master a kiira.

Q'arlynd in the experiment found a clue to find the mythical Kraanfhaor's Door magic school and understood that he must accepted her in the College of Ancient Arcana to buy her silence.[2]

In 1379 DR Alexa healed Master Q'arlynd and announced to him the dead of Master Guldor Zauviir at the hands of Ilharess Laele Zauviir.Streea'Valsharess.[3]





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