Alexandrite was once considered a fancy stone,[1][2] but by the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, it had surged in price to that of a precious stone,[3] and maintained its value through the Spellplague[4] and beyond.[5]


This transparent gem was a form of chrysoberyl that was green in hue under natural light, but appeared reddish when viewed under non-natural lights such as arcane light spells. It was usually facet cut and used for jewelry such as earrings or pendants.[1][6] In the mid–14th century DR, one of these stones had a base value of 100 gp, but since that time a typical specimen had a base value of 500 gp.[3][4][5]


Alexandrites were used as a magic focus for items that provided good luck, favorable reactions, protection, or other good omens.[3] Examples included luckstones and the cursed lodestone.[1][6]


Alexandrite gems were considered sacred to Gaerdal Ironhand. It was appropriate to consecrate or sacrifice alexandrite to him, or a follower might find one as a boon or an omen.[7]


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