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Alhoon liches, also known as simply alhoons or illithiliches, were magic-using outcasts from mind flayer societies who had defied the ruling elder brains to achieve lichdom.

Alhoons combined powerful wizardry and sorcery with their innate skill at psionics to become a new threat to the established order of the Underdark and beyond. Their skin possessed none of the wet, smooth, slimy texture of living illithids, instead appearing dry, wrinkled, and cracked as a result of the powerful magic resistance that had prevented a perfect conversion to lichdom.

Alhoons were ignored, feared, and hated by mortal illithids for their rejection of the illithid circle of life, culminating with the physical and psychic merging with an elder brain.


In 1369 DR, alhoons were known to have taken up residence in the abandoned drow city of Telnarquel.[1]




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