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Ali al-Mustasib lived in Iris Well Spring in the Hordelands during the mid 14h century DR.[1]


Atabeg Ali al-Mustasib was an exiled ruler of Semphar who was forced to live in the small community of Iris Well Spring located to the east of Semphar. A jailer visited him yearly to deliver supplies and confirm that he remained in exile without fleeing.[1]


Ali viewed the Tuigan horde under Yamun Khahan as a way to possibly retain control in Semphar. The Khahan's son, Hubadai, used information gathered from Ali to plan his invasion of Semphar. Ali was rewarded for this information with a spot on Hubadai's military council. Ali's daughter was also taken as a royal concubine to ensure his further cooperation.[1]


Ali was the father of Dura al-Mustasib.[1]



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