Allessia Faithhammer is a Cleric of Helm and one the five starting playable characters in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. She is a human from Secomber and employs the abilities and spells typical of her character class.

Adventuring Career Edit

Allessia was summoned to Baldur's Gate from her home in Secomber by her mentor, Huros. She came to the city in hopes of defending it from the threat posed by Eldrith the Betrayer and her Dark Alliance. However, by the time of her arrival Eldrith had already been defeated and her Onyx Tower already banished from Toril. Playing Allessia pits her instead against the designs of Mordoc SeLanmere as well as other nefarious forces in the Western Heartlands.

Allessia's optional unique story arc is to work for the Church of Helm in Baldur's Gate, which is run by Huros. She can gain experience by donating increasingly large sums of gold to the church which are spent on projects including an orphanage, additional fortifications to the city walls and a warship to help defend the harbour of Baldur's Gate. Allessia also has the option of travelling to an unholy mausoleum on the church's orders. There she must defeat a small army of undead creatures led by Goreth Vileblack, a cleric of Cyric.

Allessia is very devoted to the Church of Helm and follows its doctrine of shielding the innocent from harm. She sees her work as a divine duty and in the introduction to the game her calling is said to be 'the greater good.'

Abilities Edit


Allessia being taken down by zombies.

As a cleric of good alignment, Allessia can perform turn undead, either sending lesser undead fleeing or disintegrating them completely. She can use spells like bless and can unlock the ability to summon an avatar of Helm's sword, Ever Watchful. Allessia can also become adept in numerous forms of non-magic combat. Her spells mainly consist of healing, defense, and enchantment.

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