The alleviators were a clerical order devoted to the god Ilmater.[1] [note 1]


The alleviator order was developed by the priests of Ilmater themselves, rather than commanded or inspired by their god. They were a fairly new faction within the church of Ilmater by 1369 DR.[1]


The alleviators did not passively accept the pain and suffering of others. Nor did they feel it was their role to remove or cure such pains. Instead, they focused on teaching people to cope with and endure their pain. They believed that helping people bear such hurts would make them stronger, and that this was preferable to standing against the evil and suffering of the world and failing.

However, some alleviators did attempt to alleviate suffering where it occurred, and they also spoke up for the rights of common people. Such alleviators were considered radicals within the church of Ilmater.[1] [note 2]


The alleviators were ascetics who lived quite modestly. They often dressed in plain, gray robes with rope for a belt, and they refused armor and shields. They wore a leather thong tied around each wrist in honor of their god, but these were not bound together. A staff was the only weapon they wielded.

They donated 70% of their earnings to the church of Ilmater.[1]


True to their philosophy, alleviators could withstand a tremendous amount of physical injury, but only if they protected another from being harmed. If they were not swiftly healed, then death would soon follow.

They were unable to turn undead.[1]



  1. The alleviator order corresponds with the Alleviator kit for the Cleric class in 2nd edition. The order is not actually named; the title is taken from the text: "the priestly order of alleviators".
  2. It is not clear how the alleviator philosophy differs from the standard dogma of the church presented in other sources. This appears to be standard practice for the Ilmatari elsewhere.


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