Almraiven sat on the shore of the Shining Sea and was the only remaining human city in Calimshan around 1479 DR.[3]


Founded around -5521 DR, the city weathered countless natural and man-made disasters and was rebuilt many times.[3] The city was relatively unscathed by the Spellplague and the city's mages were able to fend off genasi attacks during their rebellion.[1]


The archmage Acham el Jhotos ruled Almraiven for many years and worked tirelessly to protect the city from djinn and efreet threats. Slavery was legal in Almraiven but el Jhotos was an abolitionist who sought to eventually free all slaves in Calimshan.[3]

Notable locationsEdit

El Jhoto's Palace
This lavish palace was heavily warded and contained large gardens with trees similar to those that grew in the Forest of Mir prior to the Spellplague.[3]
T'Emma's Bar
This dive located in a basement near the docks was run by a runt gnoll named T'Emma. It was a valuable source of information for those who dealt in seedier lines of work.[3]




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