Queen Embrae Aloevan was a moon elf Chosen of both Mystra and Sehanine.[2]


In the Year of Frostfires (292 DR), Aloevan became a chosen of Mystra and Sehanine. However, just a few years later in 308 DR she was consumed by the silver fires of Mystra and descended into madness and death creating what is now known as the Tears of Aloevan.[2]

Tears of AloevanEdit

Inside the Ardeep Forest lies the Tears of Aloevan, accessible by a mystical pool created by the death of Aloevan. As a Chosen of Mystra, she was constantly exposed to the silver fire granted by being a Chosen. Unfortunately, in 308 DR, this same gift would come to consume her with madness and cause her death. But instead of moving on to Arvanaith, she was trapped in a nimbus of silver fire.[1]

Some time later, clerics of Sehanine realized her situation and seven of them created a link between the Pocket Plane where she was caught and the natural world. In the centuries since, priests of Sehanine have been working tirelessly to prevent the madness from taking over the queen completely. To accomplish this, priests have recreated the long lost Court of Silver Fire where she now resides. If not for the work of the priests, the queen would have been consumed by the madness long ago and the closeness to insanity can be heard in the queen's laughter still.[1]


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