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Aluar Zendos was a ranger of Mielikki in Waterdeep in 1372 DR.[1]


Aluar was a quiet man with an uncompromising hatred of evil creature. He did not know what would be his destiny but sensed it lay in Waterdeep.[1]


Aluar had recently acquired a singing sword, and it led him to go first to the New Olamn bards and then to the Harpers. Among them, he befriended Vedellen Hawkhand.[1]


Aluar usually stayed at the Inn of the Dripping Dagger when in the city. He normally worked as a guide or guard to caravans that travelled to and from the North, Westgate or Amn. When in Waterdeep, Aluar frequented the inns and taverns in the Trades Ward.[1]



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